Why being in Europe is better for women


I was proud to stand with other Labour women MPs in support of Britain's EU membership yesterday on International Women's Day.

Europe has done a huge amount to protect the rights and freedoms of women in Redcar & Cleveland. It ensures equal pay for equal work, underpins maternity and paternity rights, the right to work after maternity leave, and the right to sick leave and time off for urgent family reasons. Thanks to the EU, part time and agency workers, who are more likely to be women, also have the right to equal treatment in line with full-time permanent employees.

Across the world, European nations are working together to improve the lives of women in developing countries by tackling violence against women, improving standards in factories staffed by women, and cracking down on the horrific practice of female genital mutilation.

We are stronger in Europe working with other countries to get more women in Britain the rights and jobs they and their families need and securing the safety and security of women across the world.

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