Update on support for steelworkers


Hello everyone. I’m aware lots of people are facing difficulties and barriers in accessing support and information, particularly training. Lots of people have been getting in touch to say they have been refused training courses and wondering where the promised funding is!

I have written to the steel taskforce who are overseeing the process, raising all the issues that people have been writing and messaging in about. This includes:

  1. Access to training - why people are being refused training for new skills and opportunities; why some are being told they need a job lined up first; and why people are being refused access to some courses for varying explanations.
  2. The current status of the £50 million funding, when it will be available, and what it will be spent on
  3. Access to the Safety Net fund for immediate support
  4. The recent jobs fair and how many achieved gainful employment as a result
  5. Apprenticeships – what support is available for the young people on uncompleted apprenticeships
  6. Support for contractors – many still with unpaid wages and no redundancy
  7. Problems with redundancy payments
  8. Missing pension payments
  9. Issues around notice periods and whether people can take a job without losing entitlements
  10. Treatment of retained workers

I know the lack of information and confusion over support is very frustrating and my team and I are trying to help as many people as we can. I am reading every one of the hundreds of comments, messages and emails being sent in and taking the issues forward even though I have not had chance to reply to them all yet.

Please stay in touch and keeping sending in your queries and problems. Make sure you leave your name and address as it easier for me to have success when dealing with the agencies involved who often need this information.

I will update everyone as soon as I have the answers.

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