Traffic under Marske rail bridge


As part of the large housing development on the edge of Marske, waved through against local opposition by the Secretary of State last year, there is a proposal to make the traffic under the rail bridge into Marske a single lane. Traffic lights would be installed and pedestrian access made under the bridge to the new estate. A group of residents in Marske are leading the opposition to the plan.

Local MP Anna Turley said:

“I am fully behind Marske residents in their campaign to oppose this nonsensical traffic proposal.

“From the beginning traffic problems were a key part of our opposition to this massive housing development. We knew the impact so many extra houses would have on the already-stretched road network. Sadly Tory planning policy meant the developer rode roughshod over local residents and the Secretary of State waved the development through with no conditions.

“The developer’s preference for providing pedestrian access by restricting traffic to a single lane is just not acceptable to the village. Even on current traffic levels, this will have a massive impact on the flow through the village, before hundreds more cars arrive on the new estate.

“I will support the residents groups campaigning for a stop to the plan in any way I can. The challenge is that we are up against a private developer with Tory planning law fully behind them.”


There is a public meeting being held on Friday 9th February, 630pm at the White House on Redcar Road for interested residents.


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  • commented 2018-02-06 20:36:01 +0000
    Sorry to hear through Alec that you won’t be able to come Anna.
    Thank you for your ongoing support of this campaign, it is regrettable for me that the devil is in the detail.