Town meeting delivers bold vision for Redcar

Local Labour MP, Anna Turley, welcomes Redcar area growth plans and thanks residents who gave their views to help create this vision.

The project began when Anna, working with local Redcar councillors, called a public meeting in 2016 to seek the views of residents on the future of the town.

The council have taken that feedback away and developed plans for Redcar, Greater Eston, and East Cleveland.

The proposals for Redcar include a revamp of Redcar station, a seafront family adventure centre, five screen cinema on the old Redcar Bowl site, a Redcar Retail Emporium and other support for high street businesses.

Greater Eston has projects of more than £1 million to enhance Eston Town Centre and the precinct area for businesses and shoppers and improvements to Eston Recreation Ground.

Anna said:

"We brought people together to help create this vision because everyone I spoke to had ideas and passion for making our town centre a better place to live, work and visit.

"With public investment on the table, including £5 million we secured through the SSI Taskforce, it is also important that this money goes into facilities people actually want.

"Some of the proposals are well developed and hopefully we will see them come to fruition soon. Others are aspirations and I will be doing all I can to help secure the extra funding needed to deliver them.

"I hope the conversation about the future of our town will continue and people will have more opportunities to give their views."

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