‘Teesside should not bear burden of Tory social care crisis’

MP for Redcar, Anna Turley, has criticised a proposal by the Government for the growing cash crisis in social care to be met by further increases in local council tax.

As part of preparations for the next local government funding round, Ministers are discussing a proposal to increase money for care services by allowing local authorities to increase the social care levy beyond the current 2% limit.

Spending on social care has fallen by 9% over the past five years as demand for care services from an aging population has increased.

Care England have warned that the situation is ‘reaching a crisis point’ and some care services are at risk of being lost completely.

Anna said:

“Over the past six years, our social care system has been starved of cash at a time when more and more people are needing care services.

“The Government’s initial answer was to put the burden on local taxpayers through the social care levy. Councils on Teesside, like many across the country, have had no choice but to accept the levy to maintain vital services for the vulnerable.

“To hear that the Government are now considering increasing the levy further to solve a crisis of their own making is outrageous. Areas like ours cannot afford this extra burden and the extra money needed must come from central government. I urge them to reject this idea.”

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