Statement on Potential Sale of Tata Steel Long Products Division

Reacting to the news that Tata Steel have signed a memorandum of understanding with Klesch Group over the potential sale of its Long Products division, Labour Parliamentary Candidate Anna Turley said:

"This news is very concerning for those who work in Teesside's Tata Long Products operation. There appears to have been very little consultation with the unions to ensure the workers, their families and the local community are supported and their jobs protected. This must be a priority going forward.

"There is a long-term challenge to make sure Teesside remains a global force in steel making and the industry is coming out of a difficult period globally. However, the coalition have done nothing to invest in energy intensive industries and must take action to secure this key part of the UK's manufacturing future. We need a dynamic manufacturing and industrial strategy from a Labour government which will secure a stable and vibrant future for our steel industry on Teesside, with security for those who work in it."

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