Second class rail upgrades are an insult to Teesside

Redcar MP, Anna Turley, has branded the replacement of Teesside’s hated Pacer trains with refurbished carriages ‘insulting’. This follows Northern Rail’s confirmation that the new trains about to come off the production line will not be making it to Teesside and the North East.

Anna said:

“Anyone who has travelled on one of the Northern Pacer trains will be glad to finally see the back of them. But the news is bittersweet, now we know Teesside will only be getting refurbished carriages and not the brand new, modern rolling stock.

“The question people will rightly be asking is why Teesside is only being given second class upgrades, and not the modern trains we have been deprived of for so long. Our needs are just as great as the rest of the Northern region and we have had to put up with Pacer trains longer than most. It’s insulting that we will be missing out on modern rail transport.”

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