Roy Cropper joins Anna on the campaign trail


Corrie’s Roy Cropper visited Redcar today to support Labour candidate Anna Turley.

Never far from the day job, David Neilson, who plays cafe owner Roy on Coronation Street, served customers at the Something in Mind café.

The Labour supporter also enjoyed a walk through the town centre, encouraging people to vote in May’s General Election.

David said:

“I wouldn’t try to persuade anyone to vote for Labour or any other party but I would certainly encourage them to use their vote. People have fought hard for the right to vote and they shouldn’t lose it lightly.

“I have my own experience to draw on for why I vote Labour but I would never expect people to vote that way just because I do. As a so-called celebrity, I’m more than happy to use that status to encourage people to vote because it important to do so.”

Anna Turley said:

“I’m really pleased to have David here to support my campaign and speak to people. It’s really important that we engage with people and having someone like David on the campaign trail certainly helps.”

“He was really interested in the work Something in Mind do as a social enterprise as well as the support services they run for people with mental health issues. They are a real asset to our community and our town centre and I was really proud to bring David there."


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