Redcar’s Labour candidate supports World Mental Health Day

Praising the work of Redcar Link in organising an awareness day at Tuned In! on October the 10th, Labour Candidate Anna Turley said;

“I am delighted to see the event taking place to celebrate World Mental Health Day. Mental health is the biggest unaddressed health challenge of our age.  One in six people across Britain are affected by a mental illness at any one time, one in four of us will have a mental illness at some point in our lifetime, and by 2030, depression will be the leading cause of disease around the world.

“We must break the taboo surrounding mental health and joining the fight against stigma and discriminations. Just as we joined the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia, we should join the fight against this form of intolerance.

“Yet mental health spending has been cut in real terms for the second year in a row, all while anti-depressant prescribing rates and suicide rates are increasing.

“Crisis care services are ‘under-resourced, understaffed and overstretched’ according to mental health charity Mind. Four in ten mental health trusts have staffing levels well below established benchmarks and only a third of patients are assessed within the NICE recommended waiting time for crisis care.

“I am proud that Ed Miliband said that mental health will be top of the agenda for an incoming Labour government and has committed set out measures to give mental health greater priority within the NHS.

“But we need more than good government policy. Good mental health starts in our workplaces, schools and communities. That’s why today’s event is so important to raise awareness, and I wish it every success.”

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