Redcar MP slams decision not to extend SSI Taskforce funding to redundant Boulby Potash workers

Responding to the announcement from the Government today that the remaining SSI Taskforce funding cannot be re-purposed to also help Boulby potash workers being made redundant, Redcar MP Anna Turley said:

“I am deeply disappointed that the government have turned down our request to extend the remaining SSI funds. That is a bad decision that will mean Boulby workers will not have access to the same funding for retraining. We are in a unique situation as a local economy where this blow has come after the government shut our steelworks 2 years ago and we have not been able to recover from this major economic shock. This will significantly limit the opportunities available and I am deeply disappointed ministers have once again ignored the impact of these redundancies. What’s more it seems wrong that civil servants in Whitehall and Tory Ministers won’t allow local people through the Taskforce to make their own decisions on how to spend the money in the way that works best for us on Teesside. Through the Taskforce we are continuing to work to make as much support available as possible to the affected workers.”

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