Redcar MP calls for tougher animal cruelty sentencing after brutal dog attack

Labour MP for Redcar, Anna Turley, has today (31st March 2016) written to the Justice Minister Michael Gove MP, requesting an urgent review of sentencing for animal cruelty crimes after the brutal attack on Bulldog ‘Baby’ in Redcar.

Andrew and Daniel Frankish horrifically abused their pet bulldog, repeatedly throwing her down the stairs, stamping on her head, swinging her around and head-butting her. They filmed the attack and were seen and heard to be laughing. Baby’s injuries were so severe that she was put down three months after the vicious attack due to loss of the use of her hind legs.

The brothers avoided jail and were sentenced last week at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court to 21 weeks in prison, suspended for two years and a tagged curfew for six months.

An online petition urging the Prime Minister to reconsider the sentences for the Frankish brothers has over 155,500 signatures.

Anna said:

“I am disgusted by the actions of the Frankish brothers.

Lots of my constituents have contacted me expressing their horror at this cruel attack and the disbelief that the perpetrators have avoided jail.

My fear is that the leniency of their sentencing will send a message to the brothers and other animal abusers that law enforcement is indifference to animal welfare which is why I have written the Minister asking for sentencing practises to be reviewed.

We cannot allow other animals to suffer in the way Baby did.”

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  • commented 2016-04-04 09:05:38 +0100
    This has to stop. These sick individuals are one step away from killing a human and then you would something. Idiots who think it is fun to savagely beat an innocent animal to death has severe physiological problems. Has history taught us nothing, this is how serial killers start. Anyone who harms an animal SHOULD be locked up in a mental hospital until are proven they are not a danger. I don’t think we have heard the last of these two scum bags they are too evil to just disappear.
  • commented 2016-04-02 09:37:58 +0100
    OK so when all the static dies down about the Frankish twins I do hope you don’t drop this and would implore you to use all necessary means at your disposal to keep the pressure on them, whatever form that takes (media attention etc). It’s highly unlikely that the criminal justice system will act by doing the right thing and let’s face it they have more important work to be doing, like jailing beggars and shoplifters. I also consider it an affront that the state is bankrolling these two clowns and that very fact is an insult to every decent person on the face of this earth. Let’s be perfectly clear here the behaviour of these two is just an indicator and marker for future abuse. These types eventually graduate to humans. We will be reading about them again and sadly it will probably be at the expense of some child that they have access to.

    Finally, you need a word with the magistrate who imposed the original sentence. I appreciate they are under pressure to keep costs down but once in a while the public should get value for money and not the constant recycling of the usual suspects who can spin a hard luck tale, again at our expense. They are then left free to inflict more of their dysfunctional behaviour on society. What a truly depressing story, executed by some truly depressing people.
  • commented 2016-04-02 01:11:18 +0100
    What a shame these monsters should be behind bars when are the courts goin to wake up comments sense tells you they need to be behind bars that’s right comments sense it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out they need to be behind bars