Public share views on future of Redcar Town Centre


There was standing room only at tonight's public meeting on the future of Redcar High Street and the town centre. 

People had lots of really great ideas on how to revitalise our town which is exactly why we called this discussion meeting. It is your town and you have a clear idea of what kind of things you would like to see and what needs doing to improve the area.

Many of the suggestions people raised are practical and achievable, whereas others are much bigger ambitions and will take more time to explore. My team and I will now spend some time pulling everyone's notes together and then meet with the council and others to look at what happens next with this.

Some of the ideas will require work from the council and local politicians, for others the solution will involve working with local businesses, community groups and others. In other cases, funding bids will have to be put together.

This meeting isn't just a one off but the start of a conversation and we will keep coming back to you for further ideas and feedback.

Thanks to everyone for coming along and sharing your views and to Kath and the table leaders who did a really great job facilitating the discussion.




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