PM must bring back a deal that secures Teesside jobs

Speaking on the day Prime Minister Theresa May formally notified the European Union of Britain’s decision to leave by invoking Article 50, Redcar MP Anna Turley said:

“The countdown clock has started and it’s time for the Government to get stuck in to securing a Brexit deal which delivers for every region of the UK and honours the promises made to the public in the referendum campaign.

“For Teesside that must mean securing the jobs reliant on EU trade with favourable, tariff free access to the single market. It must also empower us to attract new industries and the decent, well paid jobs we really need.

“In the referendum people in Redcar and across Teesside sent a clear message to Westminster that they wanted to see change. On industry in particular people wanted to see a more active, interventionist government prepared to defend British industries, not stand by and let them wither as they did with our steel industry.

“Some MPs in the Tory Party are pursuing an ideological Brexit of ripping up employment and social protections and promoting laissez faire free trade with potentially no trade deal. That approach would be catastrophic for Teesside and threaten the tentative industrial renaissance we are already starting to see.

“A Brexit deal that threatens a single job on Teesside and leaves our people more insecure would be a betrayal of everything people voted for. Over the next two years I will be working with Teesside MPs, and our new metro mayor when they are elected, to hold the Government to account and make sure they come back with a deal fair to us all.”

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