NHS Trusts head into the red for the first time since General Election, including South Tees Hospitals Trust

Labour Candidate for Redcar Anna Turley today (18th June 2014) accused the Government of losing control of NHS finances as reports indicate Trusts will be in deficit this year for the first time since the General Election.

A new analysis published by Labour shows that:

  • More than 1 in 3 acute Trusts (58) are currently in deficit for 2013-14 – compared to just 1 in 10 (16) at the time of the last General Election.
  • There has been a marked worsening of NHS finances in the last year.Two thirds of hospitals that have gone into the red since the election (27 out of 42) have done so in the last financial year.
  • South Tees NHS Hospital Trust has a deficit of £4.9m

The figures, obtained from Monitor, the Trust Development Authority and the House of Commons Library, show NHS finances have gone backwards in every English region since the General Election. The worst deterioration has been in the East of England, London, the East Midlands and the West Midlands.

Labour’s analysis comes as reports suggest Ministers are putting emergency money into an unprecedented summer crisis in A&E and to tackle the growing backlog of operations.

Anna Turley said:
“David Cameron promised that he would protect the NHS. Instead, the disastrous reorganisation, supported by Redcar’s Lib Dem MP, has thrown the NHS into chaos.

“Patient care is going backwards as more people are forced to wait longer in A&E, cancelled operations are at their highest for a decade and waits for vital cancer tests and treatments are increasing too. 

“We now know that the Government has also lost grip of the NHS’s finances. A third of hospitals are reporting deficits, putting patient care at even greater risk in future, including our own South Tees NHS Hospital Trust. The fact that Ministers are being forced to put more money in to tackle a summer crisis in A&E and the growing backlog of operations shows how desperate the situation now is.

“Forcing through a £3 billion back-room reorganisation when the NHS faces the biggest financial challenge of its life was David Cameron’s single biggest mistake on the NHS, and it is patients here on Teesside who are suffering as a result.”

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