‘Hand South Gare over to the community as a natural attraction’ says Anna Turley MP

Redcar MP responds to masterplan consultation calling on the South Tees Development Corporation to hand responsibility for the South Gare to a local community partnership to run as a nature reserve. Anna says alongside the important task of industrial regeneration to bring job opportunities, we have a chance to preserve local nature spot too. Continue reading

Redcar MP concerned as school spending on supply teachers rises to £1.3 billion

Anna Turley, Labour MP for Redcar, has warned that teaching shortages are forcing schools to spend more on supply staff. Continue reading

Government’s Industrial Strategy is a step in the right direction but thin on detail

Today the government launched the long awaited Industrial Strategy White Paper - setting out a plan to support British industry and manufacturing to stay competitive and get ahead in new sectors like digital and robotics. Responding to the announcement, Redcar Labour MP Anna Turley said:   Continue reading

Statement on the Autumn Budget

“Today’s Budget saw all the indicators of a strong economy – productivity, business investment, and GDP growth revised down. A damning indictment of seven years of Conservative rule and a worryingly weak position to be in as we approach Brexit. We are facing one of the biggest squeezes on living standards in living memory. Real wages have fallen well behind the cost of living and more people are doing insecure jobs. People on Teesside have been bearing the brunt of this squeeze for too long and there was nothing in this budget for them. More people are becoming reliant on rising levels of personal debt, with Redcar Citizens Advice taking on extra staff to deal with it. The Tory Government’s failure to invest in skills and in infrastructure has hit UK productivity, a key driver of economic growth and wage rises, leaving us well behind other European countries. On top of that, the Government’s haphazard management of the Brexit negotiations is discouraging private sector investment. A modern industrial strategy is a crucial step towards addressing our country’s weaknesses and we have long been calling for the Government to commit to one. They have finally started to give some detail and there were some welcome announcements today. The increased infrastructure investment for the regions is positive, but with London already sucking up 54% of English infrastructure spending compared to 20.1% for the North, this will be only a drop in the ocean. Some of the funding doesn’t even begin until 2022-3. Investment in digital industries and electric cars is also a positive; digital is one of Teesside’s thriving sectors and important for futureproofing our economy. But green technologies like carbon capture and storage were suspiciously absent. Government backing for CCS is a must if our industries are to stay competitive and a commitment to a CCS project here could have brought thousands of jobs to Teesside. I was hoping for a strong commitment today but it didn’t arrive. We can’t afford anymore complacency. Our call on Teesside for more resources for the police to get more bobbies on our streets has also fallen on deaf ears. The government are still expecting local forces to fund pay rises from existing budgets which only adds to the pressure on frontline police. We also learned this week that despite claiming to protect police budgets, the Government are slashing them by £500m in real terms by 2020. Anti-social behaviour, vandalism and burglaries are just some of the issues causing havoc in Redcar and Cleveland. I fear this will only get worse as funding pressures put neighbourhood policing at risk. This reckless Tory approach to public safety has to stop. The changes to Universal Credit which include removing the 7 day waiting period applied at the beginning of a claim also do not go anywhere near far enough to fix the flaws in the system. People will still have to wait weeks without any support, at risk of falling into debt and arrears. This Budget should have relieved the pressure on struggling families and given the economy a much needed shot in the arm. It has failed to do both.” Continue reading

Chancellor recycles funding announcement for Redcar steel site

Responding to the Chancellor’s Budget announcement on funding for the former SSI steelworks site in Redcar, Labour MP for Redcar Anna Turley said: Continue reading

Redcar and Cleveland College to merge with Stockton Riverside College

Responding to the announcement today by Redcar and Cleveland College and Stockton Riverside College that they plan to merge into a single further education provider, Redcar MP Anna Turley said: Continue reading

Joint MP's letter to the Chancellor on Police Funding Cuts

Ahead of the government's Budget next week, I have joined Teesside Labour MPs in writing to the Chancellor calling on him to address the crisis in local police funding. Year after year of cuts has seen our local force cut to the bone, meaning fewer officers on our streets at the same time as crime is rising. Anti-social behaviour, vandalism and burglaries are just some of the issues causing havoc in our communities at the moment. Without investment in Cleveland Police, I fear the neighbourhood policing we all value will become a thing of the past. We cannot let that happen. Continue reading

Why I won’t be around as much for the next couple of months

I am currently watching fireworks over the Houses of Parliament and thinking of the great displays I usually attend in Redcar. I’m down in London because I’m in St Thomas Hospital, where I was first rushed into A&E back in June. I’ve had a number of operations over the summer to alleviate problems with infected cysts which unfortunately weren’t successful, and last week I’ve had major surgery to fully remove all the infected tissue once and for all.  I have been signed off for physical recuperation until the new year. These are symptoms, problems and procedures thousands of women experience every year in the UK and I am grateful to all the staff at both St Thomas’ and James Cook for the care I’ve received. Continue reading

Launch of Tees Valley Mayoral Development Corporation masterplan

Today was the launch of the South Tees Mayoral Development Corporation masterplan, for the area which includes the former steelworks site. More can be read about it here.   Continue reading

Anna presses Police Commissioner on discarded drug needles

Anna Turley, MP for Redcar, has written to Cleveland Police & Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger about the growing number of hypodermic needles found at public locations in Redcar & Cleveland. Continue reading