‘Marske Medical Centre a victim of NHS crisis’, says Anna Turley MP

Responding to the news that Marske Medical Centre will close at the end of June after attempts to find a provider to run the service were unsuccessful, Redcar MP Anna Turley said:

“This is devastating news for the 5000 patients registered at Marske Medical Centre, especially elderly and vulnerable patients who rely on the centre for regular care. It is also bad news for the current staff at the centre will be made redundant when the centre closes and my immediate thoughts are with them.

“When the private company running the centre went into administration last year I warned that the Government’s failure to tackle the GP recruitment crisis was putting huge pressure on our NHS. The North East continues to be one of the hardest hit areas but nothing has been done about it. Now local NHS commissioners cannot find GP providers to run this practice and it will close.

“We campaigned against the privatisation of this centre in 2014 fearing that this might be the ultimate outcome. It shows why relying on private companies to bid to run services is failing patients and this will only get worse as budgets are stretched.

“When I challenged health ministers in Parliament about the pressure on the local NHS last month they promised more GPs would be in place by 2020. That is too little, too late for thousands of patients in Marske and Redcar who now have to find a new doctor.

 “I will be raising this again in Parliament when it returns from the Easter recess. How many more centres have to close before the Government wake up and do something?”

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