Labour veteran David Blunkett warns of Tory threat to Teesside


David Blunkett, veteran Labour politician and former Home Secretary in the previous Labour government, today warned about the threat a Tory-led government would pose to Teesside.

During a visit to Redcar this afternoon with Labour’s candidate Anna Turley, he warned of the dangers a Tory-led government would mean for constituencies like Redcar.

David Blunkett said:

“The Tories have time and again failed to invest in the people and the infrastructure of the north east. We know because they have told us that in the first two years of a Tory government they would cut as much as they did in the last five. How can they achieve this and invest in constituencies like Redcar? The short answer is they can’t.

“We cannot allow a doubling of the pain in the next Parliament. The people of Redcar have a clear choice on May 7th – vote for Tory austerity or vote for Anna and Labour’s plan for a Britain that works for everyone and not just a select few.”

Anna Turley said:

“The Tories has squandered the talents of the people of Teesside. The north east is the only region in England to export more than we import but we receive the lowest level of infrastructure investment of any region.

“David today warned of the dangers a Tory government would pose to Teesside but the Lib Dems too need to share their half of the blame – without their support the Bedroom Tax would not have passed, Building Schools for the Future would not have been cancelled and the top down reorganisation of the NHS would not have happened.

“Only Labour has a plan to grow our economy locally. We will set up an independent National Infrastructure Commission to assess how best to meet the infrastructure needs of Teesside and the rest of the north east.”

“I was honoured to take David to meet staff and pupils at Normandy Primary to hear about the great work they are doing in the school particularly around the use of new technology to facilitate learning.”




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