Labour Candidate condemns closure of South Bank Delivery office

Anna Turley, the Labour and Co-operative Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar today (12thNovember 2013) slammed Royal Mail for the closure of its delivery office in South Bank

Anna said:

“Royal Mail have shown a complete disregard for the needs of local people and their hardworking postmen and women in South Bank. The local community have marched and rallied against these proposals and Royal Mail representatives were here last year to hear the strength of feeling. Yet, they have ridden roughshod over the needs of local people and pressed ahead with this closure, as part of the Coalition Government’s march towards the selloff of our Royal Mail.

“The closure of this delivery office will mean later deliveries for local households and businesses, further for people to travel to collect packages, and the loss of much needed local employment in South Bank. It is a poor decision and I urge them to rethink.”

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