Inappropriate ‘PokeStop’ removed from Redcar cemetery

Labour MP for Redcar, Anna Turley, has welcomed the removal of Redcar cemetery as a ‘PokeStop’ in the virtual reality game Pokémon GO.

Anna had previously written to the games’ developer about concerns raised by her constituents that the app was encouraging groups of users to congregate in the local cemetery in Redcar.

The developer has now confirmed the removal of Redcar cemetery from the game.

Anna said:

“I am pleased the developers of Pokémon GO have responded to local concerns and removed the cemetery from the game so that people can pay respects to their loved ones in peace.

“It is clearly a very popular game that has encouraged people to explore their surroundings which is great but there needs to be boundaries so that users can enjoy the game without upsetting others.

“The developer has been quick to solve the problem to make sure that is the case.”

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