Helping out at Kidney Research UK


It was great to meet the team at the Kidney Research UK charity shop in Redcar this morning. Situated on the High Street in the centre of town it is largest of the charity’s four shops and is in fact the largest charity shop within a 10-mile radius of Redcar!

It was wonderful to meet the staff and volunteers there, all of whom give up their time to collect and sort stock before selling it in the shop to raise funds for the charity.

Kidney Research UK is the UK’s leading kidney research charity and the money they get goes straight into funding vital research into kidney disease and finding a cure for it. Raising awareness of organ donation is also high on the charity’s agenda as over 90% of the total organ waiting list are waiting for a kidney. I got the opportunity to hear about some of the projects the charity has funded recently, notably the research to develop a technique known as warmth perfusion, undertaken by Professor Mike Nicholson to make more kidneys viable for transplant.

I also heard about the health inequalities work the charity does to encourage more people from minority backgrounds to join the organ donor register. Known as the Peer Educator Project, the scheme sees doctors, researchers and other health workers going out into their communities to educate those who may be at risk of kidney disease but have issues accessing health services.

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