Flatts Lane housing approval ‘makes a mockery of Tory localism’

Labour MP for Redcar, Anna Turley, has slammed the decision by the national Planning Inspectorate to grant planning permission for 400 homes on land next to Flatts Lane Country Park.

The application was unanimously rejected by the local council's planning committee last year after a community campaign to protect Eston Hills from more development. The developer appealed and a public inquiry was held in April.

Responding to the news, Anna said:

“This decision flies in the face of all the promises the government have made to involve local people in decision making in their area. It makes a mockery of the whole ‘localism’ agenda.

“Local people came together to protect our hills against a development which adds more strain to local infrastructure and will concrete over valued green space on our hillside. We made our case through the proper process and made our voice heard.

“In the end it counted for nothing against a Tory government whose ‘developers’ charter’ planning policy is letting them build wherever they like.

“This is not a defeat for Nimbyism but a defeat for a community that has had enough of more and more development on Eston Hills. It is no wonder that people lose faith in the system and feel like they are constantly fighting a losing battle.

“I will now be working to make sure the developer is held to account by the local planning authority to deliver the improvements they have promised, especially the promise of a bus service.”


The Planning Inspectorate's decision can be read here

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