Eston Hills vandalism top of agenda for public meeting


Redcar MP Anna Turley has called a public meeting to address the vandalism which is destroying the Eston Hills and threatening the safety of local residents.

Fire fighters are being regularly called out to tackle fires started by arsonists on the hills. Rules preventing vehicle access are also being breached, further damaging the landscape.


Anna has called a public meeting, inviting residents, community groups, the Police Commissioner, Cleveland Fire Brigade, the archaeological team, and the park ranger to start developing a plan to tackle this growing problem.

The meeting will be held at 530pm on Friday 28th April at Birkdale Drive Community Centre, Eston, TS6 9EB.

(Please note: the previously advertised venue, the Cleveland Inn, has been changed to the above due to a larger than expected attendance)

Anna said:

“Not a day seems to go by without another incident where our Eston Hills are damaged by mindless vandalism.

“Arsonists are scorching swathes of land, diverting the efforts of Cleveland Fire Brigade, and putting the safety of other hill users at risk. On top of that, the land is being used as a cheap practice track for rally driving which is churning up the land and putting historically significant archaeological evidence at risk.

“Earlier this month I went on a site visit with Eston Hills Archaeological Society and saw for myself the devastation being wreaked by these incidents.

“I held discussions with the park ranger who had a number of interesting proposals for preventing abuse of the land and enforcing rules about vehicle access. The meeting on Friday is a chance to bring others together to see what options we have to tackle this problem.

“Any residents with an interest in protecting our hillside are very welcome to come along. Ultimately the solution to this is going to be one that has the confidence and support of the local community.”


Photo: Anna with Ice & Fire Project Director Adam Mead and the Countryside Ranger Jonathan Green

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