Ed Miliband visits Redcar for People’s Question Time


Local residents put their questions to Ed Miliband today at a People’s Question Time in Redcar.

Ed also announced Labour’s better plan for pensioners which includes protecting pensioners’ income, introducing new laws to safeguard retirement savings, keeping energy bills down and improve caring for those who are frail or vulnerable.

Joining Anna Turley, Labour’s candidate for Redcar at the event at Redcar and Cleveland College, Ed said older people have been let down by the Government which has worsened their living standards by failing to act against rip-off pension fees or energy bills and slashing funding for social care.



He announced that the next Labour government will:

  • Reinforce the protection offered to living standards by the triple-lock by guaranteeing no changes to Winter Fuel Payments except for the richest five per cent of pensioners, and by maintaining universal TV licences and bus passes.
  • Cap fees and charges on new products allowing people to draw-down on pension savings so they get protection when they take money out as they do when they put money in.
  • Help pensioners struggling with energy bills by freezing gas and electricity prices until 2017 and offering free efficiency improvements to at least 200,000 households at risk of fuel poverty.
  • Keep people safe and healthy at home by driving out the culture of 15-minute care slots, bringing in 5,000 new homecare workers, and introducing a new system of safety checks for vulnerable older people.

Anna said:

“I was really proud to invite Ed Miliband to Redcar today to hear from local people from across the constituency. Ed took questions on an amazing range of issues - from food banks to pensions, from apprenticeships to the NHS. He was superb and looked and sounded every inch a great PM.”

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