Comment on the closure of the Lotte Chemical UK’s T8 plant site at Wilton

Speaking about today’s (4th December 2013) announcement of the closure of the Lotte Chemical UK’s T8 plant site at Wilton, Anna Turley, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar said:

“This is a really sad announcement. My thoughts are with the workers who are threatened with losing their jobs just before Christmas, and all those who worked so hard to rescue and maintain the plant previously. This is an important industry for Teesside and a key player in Britain’s global role in petrochemicals and manufacturing. The government’s Regional Growth Fund was insufficient to deal with today’s challenge, and we are sorely missing the Regional Development Agency which this government scrapped, to step in as it did in early 2010. We need a proper commitment to our energy intensive industries and a national Industrial Strategy which Labour has pledged to deliver, to keep our place in the global market and to ensure we have security for future jobs and industry on Teesside.”

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