Campaigners Raise Awareness of Crisis in Pay Packets

Redcar’s Labour Candidate, Anna Turley, joined campaigners on Redcar High Street on Saturday (5th April 2014) to raise awareness about the impact low pay is having on peoples' living standards across Teesside.

The campaign was organised by the Trades Union Congress and was part of a national series of over 90 events across England and Wales as part of Fair Pay Fortnight.

Local trade unionists and activists took to Redcar High Street to send a message to government and to employers that pay is not keeping pace with the cost of living and that it is having a damaging effect on peoples' standard of living.

Anna said: 
“Working people in the UK are seeing their living standards squeezed harder and harder every year. The cost of energy, food and housing is soaring but pay isn’t keeping up. On average, workers have lost more than £4,000 since 2009 and many people are trapped in low paid and insecure jobs or on zero-hours contracts.

“One in four people in the Redcar constituency are paid below the Living Wage, and that means families are finding it hard to make ends meet. People are working every hour to try and give their families a decent standard of living, but we are not seeing a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. The only real recovery is one in which ordinary working people share - and we are certainly not seeing that here.”

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  • commented 2014-04-08 22:21:28 +0100
    Good campaign under the Redcar Clock with activists from Labour & the unions + Anna Turley MP for Redcar come May 2015.