Anna welcomes ‘Compulsory Jobs Guarantee’ for young people

Labour candidate for Redcar, Anna Turley, has today (10th March 2014) welcomed the news that a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will be in Labour’s election manifesto and funded for whole of next Parliament.

As part of the guarantee, every young person out of work for more than 12 months will be given a paid starter job which they will have to take up or lose benefits.

The Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will also apply to adults aged 25 or over claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for two years or more and will be funded for the whole of the next Parliament by:

  • A repeat of Labour’s successful tax on bank bonuses at the start of the next Parliament; and
  • Restricting pensions tax relief for people earning over £150,000 to the same rate as basic rate taxpayers.

Anna said:
“Under this Lib Dem-Tory government the number of young people aged 18-24 claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for over a year has doubled – from 28,300 in May 2010 to 56,100 today.

“We’ve got to put this right. So if Labour wins the next election we will get young people and the long-term unemployed off benefits and into work. In Redcar alone that will get over 200 young people into work and earning a living.

“The Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will build on the success of Labour’s Future Jobs Fund – that was cancelled by this Coalition government – by working with the private and voluntary sectors to ensure there is a paid job for 18-24 year olds claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for 12 months or more and adults aged 25 or over claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for over 24 months.

“As a country we simply cannot afford to be wasting the talents of thousands of young people and leaving them stuck on the dole for years on end. It’s bad for them, it’s bad for our economy and it’s bad for taxpayers who have to pay the bill.”

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