Anna welcomes calls to put ‘Labour values back into the NHS’

Labour & Co-operative spokesperson for Redcar, Anna Turley, welcomed calls by Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, to put “the N back into the NHS” with Labour values at the heart of that.

Andy Burnham was speaking at a public meeting at the Coatham Memorial Hall in Redcar.

Anna said:
“At the General Election in 2010 we had a National Health Service that we could be proud of. Satisfaction revels were high, waiting lists were at record lows and nobody was calling for a huge overhaul of what was in place. Fast-forward to now and we are witnessing the largest unwanted reorganisation since the NHS was created, thousands of nursing jobs have been lost and, in recent months, A&E services on Teesside have experienced awful challenges where, at one point, queues of up to 10 ambulances were outside James Cook University Hospital.

“This evening we heard stories from across the board those who use the service, those who work for the NHS and those are just immensely proud to have such a system in place. I believe Andy addressed concerns over fears of creeping privatisation, wasting resources on the reorganisation and reaffirming his pledge to repeal the Act. More than that he set out a bold vision for a future service that brings together health, mental health and social care as we all live longer, that the founders of the NHS would have been proud of.”

Andy Burnham MP said:
“We all remember the posters: ‘I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS’. It was David Cameron’s cast-iron pledge to the country in 2010. As it turns out, David Cameron is the man who cut the NHS, not the deficit and the Liberal Democrats helped him do it. Eight hundred nursing jobs in the North East have been lost since David Cameron came to power and no single fact better illustrates a Prime Minister and a Government has lost its way when, wherever you look, there are growing signs of panic and chaos.”

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