Anna Turley MP calls on government to implement steelworks rescue plan before ‘there is nothing left to save’

Following talks with Industry Ministry Anna Soubry in a meeting of the Steel Task Force, Redcar Labour MP said:

“We had constructive talks with the minister this afternoon and presented our proposals to her.

“There are two clear areas where we need government support. The first is assisting all those workers and their families suffering following the mothballing announcement on Monday, and implementing a support package for them, contractors and small businesses in the supply chain.

“The second priority is securing the plant so that the industrial assets are not lost for good. New revelations about SSI are emerging every day and we do not have confidence in their ability to save the plant. The government need to work with private sector partners in the region to secure the coke ovens and ensure the blast furnace is properly mothballed so that steelmaking is not lost for good.

“To her credit, Anna Soubry understands the scale of the challenge and the impact this is having on Teesside. We now need her to take our plan back to her government and ensure David Cameron and George Osborne deliver support for families and businesses hit by this crisis and to secure the plant for the future.

“Time is of the essence now. Without immediate progress there will be nothing to save.”

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