Anna Turley calls on government to protect Further Education on Teesside

At Education Questions in the House of Commons today (25th January 2016), Labour MP for Redcar Anna Turley pressed on the government the importance of further education to Teesside’s economy.

The government is currently conducting area-based reviews into Post-16 Education and Training Institutions with the intention of restructuring FE provision.

Anna pressed Skills Minister, Nick Boles, on the importance of FE colleges to reskilling the workforce in Teesside after the closure of the steelworks and the loss of jobs in other industries like Boulby Potash. 

In the chamber, Anna said:

“In my constituency of Redcar we have just experienced a huge and extreme tragedy with the loss of our steelworks.

The challenge now for our further education campuses is to use that £3 million provided by the government to ensure people get back into work.”

She went on to seek assurances from the Minister that the campus at Redcar, was not under threat in the light of the review, saying:

"I would like to press to this government how extremely important that is in term of the economic and social regeneration of our area.”

In response, the Minister said he did not want to anticipate the conclusion of the review, but understood the particular importance of Further Education to the Teesside community.

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