Anna Turley accuses Government of complacency on support for steel industry

Responding to the withdrawal of the Klesch Group from pursuing the purchase of Tata Steel's Long Products Division, Labour MP for Redcar, Anna Turley said:

"There is a degree of relief that Gary Klesch has walked away from the deal given doubts over his commitment to steel making, however his analysis of the challenges facing British producers demonstrates that the government need to step up and commit to supporting our steel industry.

"I was shocked at the complacency of the Minister for the Northern Powerhouse in his response to the news when Mr Klesch is very clear that government inaction on cheap Chinese imports and high energy costs is causing problems for the industry. Klesch's observation that 'No one seems to care' is extremely concerning for such an important sector for Teesside with so many jobs and supply chain businesses relying on it. The government needs to start caring with a proper industrial strategy that secures a level playing field for British steel producers. They need to urgently follow through with the promised compensation for energy intensive industries which has failed to materialise and to back further EU anti-dumping measures so that UK steel is not at a disadvantage.

"If the Government is to deliver on the Northern Powerhouse they need to stop being complacent and commit to supporting British steel."

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