Anna supports the Charter for Sustainable British Steel


At an event in Parliament today, Anna affirmed her support for the Charter for British Steel and the British steel industry.

The charter aims to promote the use of sustainable steel in infrastructure projects in an attempt to combat the growing threat from non-EU imports of carbon steel reinforcement for concrete, ‘rebar’, which is flooding the UK market at a staggering rate.

Unsustainably produced carbon rebar now occupies 40% of the market and many of the products use large amounts of finite raw materials shipped from overseas. In contrast UK rebar is 98% recycled content and is domestically sourced.

Sustainable producers, particularly those based in Britain, are struggling to compete against these cheap imports.

The charter asks organisations and Local Authorities to pledge to only use carbon steel reinforcement for concrete from sustainability accredited manufacturers.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council is also among the signatories.

Anna said:

“I am proud to support the Charter for British Steel and hope businesses, public bodies and other organisations will join me in backing this vital part of our economy.

“Steel making is central to Redcar’s industrial base and is an intrinsic part of our heritage. The British steel industry as a whole supports 20,000 jobs and contributes £9.5bn to the UK economy each year.

“We must give British steel the support it needs to remain strong and ensure there is a level playing field so that high quality, sustainable producers are not squeezed out by cheap, environmentally damaging imports.”

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