Redcar MP Anna Turley has today challenged the Housing Minister on the number of struggling social housing tenants forced into arrears by welfare cuts.

The latest statistics show that for 2015/16 around 685,000 social housing tenants had been in arrears, which amounts to 25% of the social rented sector.

Responding to the statistics in the House of Commons, Anna said:

“That seems a huge amount – nearly a quarter of people in social housing in rent arrears.”

“In my constituency, in one ward alone however, we have nearly half of our social housing tenants – 46% - in rent arrears.

“One single mum, for example, has seen her rent jump from £8 to £70 a week because of the Benefit Cap, and the Bedroom Tax is still reaping devastation.

“Isn’t this a damning indictment of seven years of Tory assault on Britain’s struggling families?”

In reply, the Minister insisted the figures were falling.

The statistics Anna referenced relate to South Bank ward where 46% of tenants were in average arrears of £238.

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