Anna's comments on the hard closure of Redcar steelworks

Responding to the announcement from the Official Receiver that the Redcar steelworks will undergo a hard closure, Redcar Labour MP Anna Turley said:

“I am totally shocked and devastated by today’s news from the official receiver. I cannot believe the Government has allowed 170 years of steelmaking to fade away with no fight, no determination and no understanding of what this means to our area, to people’s livelihoods and to the British economy.

“The Government has had so many options on the table to keep the plant alive for the future, but it has turned its back, and shown total contempt for the workforce and the local community.

“The heart of our local economy has been torn out without a care from the Government. I will be calling for an enquiry to look at how this could have happened. We now need to explore how they are going to do this hard closure, what the cost is going to be, and to look at how this act of industrial vandalism could have been allowed to happen. The Government has shown its true colours, they care nothing for our history and heritage or our future.”

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