Anna launches ‘Future Jobs’ campaign for Redcar constituency


Anna Turley, Labour & Co-operative candidate for the Redcar constituency, has today launched her ‘Future Jobs’ campaign to highlight the issue of long-term unemployment and declining wages in the area.

As part of the campaign Anna will be contacting a cross section of local employers, charities, public bodies and residents for their thoughts on various issues around jobs in the Redcar constituency. Feedback from this will then be used to develop Anna’s ‘Future Jobs’ plan for the area.

At the launch of the campaign, Anna said:
“We have a serious problem with unemployment across all areas of the Redcar constituency and it an issue that I am determined to get to grips with.

“Unfortunately, the days of local people being employed from a relatively young age for the majority of their careers by large local employers are almost a distant memory, being replaced by jobs with less security and lower wages – and that is if you have been, for want of a better word, lucky in finding a job in the first place.

“Long-term unemployment has increased massively in the area since the General Election in 2010 and particularly amongst women we have seen a 136% increase and this is down to a number of factors including cuts to public services and businesses closing down.

“The aim of my ‘Future Jobs’ campaign is to get residents and employers to think seriously about what type of jobs they want and need in the area in the near and long-term future; what are their particular concerns surrounding jobs at the moment and offer ideas for how they think the issue can be tackled. From this I will be able to champion ideas and issues that concern Redcar in particular and working together we can form a ‘Future Jobs’ plan that works for Redcar constituency.”

Commenting on the campaign, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Chuka Umunna MP said:
“Anna’s ‘Future Jobs’ plan for Redcar is a fantastic initiative, bringing together people from across the area to hear their views and seek their input. I look forward to seeing the results and working with her on Labour’s plans.

 “We need more high-skilled jobs that pay a decent wage - this is a key part of Agenda 2030, Labour’s plan for better-balanced growth across Britain for the long-term. But under the Tory-led government, instead we’ve seen a rising tide of insecurity at work, while local areas have been held back.

“That’s why Anna’s initiative is so important and why I’m backing her fight for more jobs which provide a decent living.”


Complete Anna's future jobs survey by clicking here.

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