Anna fights for steel contractors owed thousands

Local Labour MP Anna Turley is supporting former SSI contractors who have not received a penny in redundancy pay and are owed thousands in unpaid wages, following the closure of the steelworks.

A number of workers employed through Jo Hand Recruitment to work at the SSI steelworks in Redcar are owed a total amount of £285,338.84.

Many of the individuals worked full time alongside permanent SSI staff however, because of their status as agency workers, they are not entitled to Statutory Redundancy pay like their permanent colleagues.

Jo Hand Recruitment went into liquidation on 15th October 2015 as a direct result of the SSI closure, leaving these workers without the wages they are owed.

Accountancy firm Taylor Rowlands, of Yarm, are handling the liquidation process of Jo Hand Recruitment and Anna is urging affected workers to come forward and send their individual stories and evidence to the liquidators so all issues and concerns can be considered.

The liquidators are based at 8 High Street, Yarm, Cleveland, TS15 9AE.

Anna said:

“Christmas is upon us and these workers have still not received a penny of the hard earned wages they are owed. Many of them worked the same shifts for the same number of years as permanent SSI staff but now find themselves without the same statutory entitlements. This is deeply unfair.

I have been supporting these workers and pressing their case with the Official Receiver. I have also written to the SSI Taskforce to ask if the unspent funding for redundancy payments can be used to support these workers. The Taskforce are currently looking into this.

I would also urge all affected workers to send your individual details and concerns to the liquidators so that their investigation is comprehensive.”

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