Anna Challenges Firm on Workforce Conditions

Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar has today written to the company SITA which is building the new Energy From Waste Plant on the Wilton 11 site, to challenge them over the terms and conditions of their workforce and their use of overseas labour and in constructing the new plant.

Anna reacted after concerns were raised with her by local constituents that the new plant was being built using a majority of European construction contractors rather than employing local workers. On top of that she has been led to understand that workers there are being paid a salary which undercuts National Agreements.
Anna has written to ask SITA what proportion of their contracts have gone to European companies and what efforts have been made to secure local contractors and use the local Teesside workforce. She is also challenging them over what industrial agreements are in place, whether they being adhered to, and whether the construction is being carried out under the National Joint Council of Engineering (NAECI) National Agreement set up to protect terms and conditions and rights of employment.
Anna said:
"I was shocked to hear that such a major investment in our area that could provide so many jobs to local construction workers is potentially using a majority of overseas companies. We have a fantastic, highly skilled local workforce on Teesside and we urgently need jobs in this area. SITA should look first to them before going overseas. And if salaries and terms and conditions do not meet National Standards this will be challenged. I will be seeking a meeting SITA together with union representatives to discuss this shortly."

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