Anna brands women’s unemployment stats “a disgrace” as figures show 32% rise in Redcar

Labour & Co-operative Candidate for Redcar, Anna Turley, has today (4th November 2013) claimed that the Government is ‘seriously failing’ women in Redcar as figures show that since the Coalition came to power unemployment figures have skyrocketed by 32%.

In May 2010 there were 864 women in Redcar claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, yet that figure now stands at 1,142 women in the constituency out of work and claiming the benefit. Nationally women’s unemployment is at the highest it has been for a quarter of a century and three times as many women as men have become long-term unemployed. Public sector cuts in particular have hit them hardest because women make up two-thirds of the jobs in the public sector.

Anna said:
“These figures are a disgrace and must act as a wakeup call for the Coalition Government. Women have been hit hard by this government’s economic failure. What’s more, their policies such as changes to the state pension, tax credits, maternity pay and support for families are having a detrimental effect on women and hampering their ability to work. Alongside this, the cost of living is soaring and wages are not keeping up, particularly if you work part time like so many women do.

“It is particularly disappointing that, compared to the national average, women here in Redcar are finding it so much harder to find work. Any talk of growth from this Tory-Lib Dem Government is not the reality for people here in Redcar, particularly if you are a woman.”

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