Anna backs ‘Ring of Fire’ tour in Redcar High Street


Anna Turley, Labour’s candidate for the Redcar constituency, recently joined local firefighters and campaigners at the Redcar leg of the Fire Brigade Union’s (FBU) ‘Ring of Fire’ tour to  highlight the devastating impact the government’s austerity agenda is having on the fire and rescue service.

The 20 date tour, which stopped in Redcar on 13th September, will promote the union’s recently published report Sounding the alarm: the future of the fire and rescue service which has found funding for the service has been cut by more than 20% during this parliament, that 5000 frontline firefighter jobs have been cut and 999 emergency response times have increased significantly.

Anna said:
“It’s such an important issue. The cuts have had a real impact in the fire service. In Redcar we’re about to lose a quarter of our firefighters to be replaced by part-time firefighters. Redcar is one of the most industrial places in the country and we also have the highest arson rate in the country. It’s a disgrace that the Government does not value their vital service.”

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