Anna backs pledge to scrap the ‘gagging law’

Labour’s candidate for the Redcar constituency, Anna Turley, has today (3rd April 2014) welcomed the announcement that Labour will repeal the controversial Lobbying Act if the party wins the next election.

The ill-conceived legislation - dubbed the ‘gagging law’ by campaigners - will be replaced by real reform of the lobbying industry and moves to ensure transparency in elections and to protect freedom of speech. This would include a universal register of all professional lobbyists backed by a code of conduct and sanctions, and consult with charities and campaigners about the reforms that are needed.

Anna said:
“The gagging law was a direct attack on our democracy. It lets vested interest off the hook, whilst gagging charities and grassroots campaigners who want to hold the Government to account.

“When this legislation was going through Parliament – backed by Redcar’s Lib Dem MP - I received many emails and messages on social media from residents expressing their opposition to the gagging law. I believe our right to campaign on issues we care about must be protected, and this gagging law needs to be repealed.

“Labour have been clear from the start that we opposed this gag on charities and campaigners, which was introduced with little consultation. I’m very pleased that we have has pledged to repeal this act and carry out the real reforms our politics needs to regain the trust of the public.”

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