Anna appointed Shadow Minister For Civil Society (Voluntary And Community Sector)

Anna Turley MP for Redcar has been appointed Shadow Minister for Civil Society (Community and Voluntary Sector) by Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour party and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office. 

Anna said:

“The community and voluntary sector faces huge challenges. It’s been hit by a triple whammy in terms of a lack of support from the public sector due to the cuts they have endured. Secondly it faces more demands because of the shrinking state and thirdly there is an increased need for support and services from the public caused by the often devastating impact of welfare reforms. To top that off there is the backdrop of a huge upheaval in terms of transparency and financial accountability in the sector. There is much to be done to challenge the Government to build a better climate for the community and voluntary sector to operate in. I look forward to working with the sector to make it easier for them to play their vital role in creating a strong network of support needed by so many vulnerable groups in society.”

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