A Thank You Note


I am truly humbled to have been elected Member of Parliament for Redcar. Humbled that the people of Redcar have once again put their trust in the Labour Party, and proud that their trust has been vested in me to represent them. I promise to work hard every day to stand up for people here both locally and down in Parliament.

We have worked exceptionally hard to restore faith in our party locally and to rebuild that trust. I am determined that we will never let people down again. We will never take a single vote for granted and I will keep getting out, knocking on doors to talk to people and be a visible, accessible, hard working local MP. And I will take your voices, your hopes and your aspirations down to Westminster to fight on your behalf and to get the best deal I can for local people.

Obviously I am heartbroken that we did not get a Labour government so that we could implement our vital manifesto pledges like scrapping the bedroom tax and ending the abuse of zero hours contracts. I will now fight hard to protect people locally from the worst excesses of this Tory government and the deeper cuts that we know are coming to the public services we rely on. I will continue to fight for jobs and investment, for opportunity for young people and dignity in later years. And crucially for hope and co-operation over hatred and division.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for all the good wishes and support you have shown me, and for the incredible hard work of my wonderful team. I have been totally overwhelmed by the love, support and sheer determination by so many to return a Labour MP and, indeed, by the scale of the majority we secured.

The work is only just begun. And if you'd like to be part of our local team - please join us. We need everyone who cares about their local community and about our society and our country, to join us in being part of the change. Get involved here.

Thank you once again for this honour - I won't let you down.

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