“We have to keep fighting” for steelworks says Anna Turley

Responding to reports today (18th September 2015) that SSI UK have paused production at the Redcar plant, local MP Anna Turley said:


“This is devastating news and my thoughts are with the workers and their families, particularly those at the South Bank Coke Ovens where the mothballing has been brought forward.

“The plant has been very vulnerable for a while now which is the reason I called the debate yesterday to get the government to recognise how bad the situation is.

“I have been speaking to SSI, Community Union, and the Minister’s office today to see what steps can be taken.

“At this stage the blast furnace is not being mothballed and will remain lit. We have to keep fighting to keep the plant open. It is too important to UK industry and to our community to fail. The government must step in.”

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