“The government has today thrown in the towel and turned its back on steelmaking in Teesside."

Statement from Anna Turley MP on SSI UK's liquidation and the government's response:

“The government has today thrown in the towel and turned its back on steelmaking in Teesside.

“We do not accept their view that a hard closure is the only option and I am deeply disappointed they have rejected all of the options presented to them so far.

“We will continue to fight to ensure there is a future for steelmaking at the site but realise now we will get no help from government. Our attentions now turn to working with the official receiver to establish how debts, salaries and pensions will be paid and, crucially, how the site will be secured for the future.

“We will work with the administrator, local suppliers, and Tees Valley Unlimited to try and ensure the valuable assets are secured and maintained so that steelmaking can return to Teesside should a buyer be found.”

“The fight goes on.”

On the £80million government support package for affected workers:

“We welcome any financial support from government to help alleviate the impact of this terrible situation on the community. However my fear is that the £80 million will not go far enough or fast enough.

“We need some urgent answers on how this money will be spent and how soon it will get to the people who need it most.

“There are a huge number of outstanding issues that need to be resolved including unpaid contractors, a workforce who are continuing to turn up to work without knowing if they will get their wages at the end of the month, and supply chain businesses who are owed thousands. There is little comfort in this £80 million for them.

“What is more, investment in skills and training is always important but I would ask to what end? Training courses will not replace the 1700 good quality, highly skilled jobs at the steelworks.”

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