‘Rises Aren’t Fare!’ Redcar’s Labour Candidate Challenges Latest Rail Fare Rise


Anna Turley, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar, has today (19th August 2014) urged the public to support a new rail campaign after it was announced rail fares for season tickets and other regulated fares are set to go up by 5.5% from January 2015.

Anna joined Action for Rail activists at Redcar Central station to talk to commuters about the latest shocking rise. The campaign is against further rail fare rises and calls for public ownership of railways. Campaigners had a presence at train stations across the country.

Next year’s huge price rises will mean that rail fares will have increased by 25 per cent under the Lib Dem and Tory Coalition (2010 to 2015). Over the same period, rail fares have risen more than twice as fast as wages.

Anna said:
“I was shocked, but not surprised, that rail fares have increased by 25 per cent under this coalition government. It is yet another blow to working people who are trying to make ends meet.

“David Cameron and Nick Clegg have failed to stand up for people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, allowing train companies to hit passengers with wage-busting fare risessince 2010.

“Today, passengers on Teesside have learned their fares will rise by up to 5.5 per cent next year, potentially costing them hundreds of pounds.

“When I spoke to people at Redcar Central station this morning it’s clear they are frustrated and angry about rising prices and low quality trains. We want to encourage people to get into work but transport can be the biggest barrier.

“A Labour government will cap fares on every route and drive through the biggest reform of the railways since privatisation, delivering a better deal for passengers and taxpayers on Teesside.”

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