‘Listen to the scientists and reject the badger cull’ Anna urges Government

Labour & Co-operative candidate for Redcar, Anna Turley, today (5th June 2013) expressed her disappointment over the Government’s failure to listen to warnings from scientists as Tory and Lib Dem MPs – including Ian Swales – voted to press ahead with the badger cull.

DEFRA ministers are pressing ahead with a badger cull despite scientists warning against this untested and risky approach.

Labour commissioned a 10-year scientific study (Randomised Badger Cull Trials) into managing bovine Tb to establish the most effective way to protect cattle and reduce the transmission of the disease.

The badger cull is not supported by the science, and may increase the problem by spreading bovine Tb. Badgers are not being tested before the cull so healthy badgers are killed alongside those infected with Tb. In previous culls only 12% were infected.

Anna said:
“Labour has warned the Government for two years that the badger cull was bad for farmers, bad for taxpayers and bad for wildlife. It is disappointing that the Coalition Government will now press ahead with a badger cull despite their own official advice that it will cost more than it saves and will spread bovine Tb in the short term as badgers are disturbed by the shooting.

“I can understand the frustration of the farming community affected by the devastating impacts of bovine Tb. However, a cull will not help resolve the issue. We need a science-led policy to manage cattle movements better and a vaccine to tackle Tb in cattle.

“Many people are extremely passionate about this cause and are frustrated with the Government ignoring the evidence. There is still time for the Coalition to be sensible, listen to the scientists and reject the badger cull.”

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