Labour's victory in taking control of Redcar and Cleveland welcomed by local MPs



The news that Redcar and Cleveland Council is now controlled by the the Labour Party has been welcomed by the two MPs representing the area.

Sue Jeffrey, the newly elected Leader of the Council said today (28th May 2015):

"I intend to run this council in an environment of openness and transparency, aiming to represent all the people and all the communities within the Borough. That agenda covers working with our partner local bodies and agencies, local firms and trade unions and the voluntary sector. We will also ensure that there are good and enduring links with our two Labour MP's covering the Borough who have been supportive throughout."

Redcar Labour MP, Anna Turley, said:

'We have built a strong, committed, and determined team of local Labour Councillors from across the Borough, with a great blend of experience and new ideas. This team will now run the council under the excellent Leadership of Sue Jeffrey with the same commitment to their communities that they have showed throughout their campaigns.

Working together as a team, both in the local council and representing people in Parliament as Tom and I do, we will seek to drive the local economy, improve our schools, and care properly for the old,the low paid and the vulnerable who will be feeling the brunt of Tory spending cuts over the coming months and years. Together, we will do the hard graft as a united, visible and determined local team.'

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, said:

"I will be working closely with Sue and her Labour colleagues on those things important to Guisborough, Saltburn and East Cleveland. We will have a close working partnership with a new, and far more open and responsive Labour Group over looming issues like the future of the local steel industry, the need to work with local companies to speed the development of a more modern and high value chemical sector and to get the vital infrastructure in place so that new job creating industry is allowed to grow and flourish. Labour understands that, and a partnership between Labour in Westminster and Labour in the Council Chamber is the best possible way of getting that process underway."

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