‘Flopping Youth Contract is failing our next generation of workers’

The Coalition Government’s Youth Contract, announced by Nick Clegg earlier this year, is failing to have any real impact on the massive issue of youth unemployment claims Anna Turley (Labour & Co-operative candidate for Redcar) after figures emerged showing that 32% of firms had not even heard of the scheme.

Anna said:
“Youth unemployment continues to remain around the 1 million mark but whilst that figure is alarmingly high, the real tragedy is those young people who are being prevented from starting their lives as there are no jobs available. On top of that they will be competing for work with people who perhaps have more experience and only yesterday it was revealed that the ‘real unemployment’ figures across are almost double official figures.

“When Nick Clegg launched this policy we described it as a ‘sticking plaster solution for a national crisis’. This was after they axed Labour’s £1 billion Future Jobs Fund that was giving young people real hope for the future. In reality it was a rehash of failing policies already in place and the news that it is failing to gain traction with employers proves that it was not going to be enough.”

The survey by EEF, the manufacturers organisation shows that 32% of firms surveyed had not even heard of the scheme and 44% had heard of it but are not currently planning to take it up or even think about it.

Redcar Labour Youth Officer, Joe Anderson, added:
“It’s important that jobs are created in the private sector for young people but these figures are damning for the Government’s flagship policy to tackle youth unemployment. The Government needs to adopt Labour’s policy which goes much further than the Youth Contract. Our ‘Real jobs Guarantee’ ensures there is a job for young people who have been unemployed for over a year offering them training in a work environment whilst having the flexibility to search for permanent employment.”

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