‘Don’t waste opportunity to get tough on knife crime’ urge local Labour representatives

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Tom Blenkinsop and Anna Turley, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Redcar, have today (17th June 2014) called on Teesside’s Coalition MP’s, Ian Swales and James Wharton, to ‘use their vote to get tough on knife crime’.

Their comments came ahead of votes on amendments to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill on knife crime later today.

Tom said:
“Tough action must be taking to deal with the scourge of knife crime. The devastation it can cause to families and communities is almost incomprehensible. We need to send a clear message that knife crime is unacceptable and sentencing sends out a strong signal which is why I will be supporting these changes to the law today. I hope my neighbouring MP’s do not waste this opportunity to get tough on knife crime or it will be a huge disservice to victims.

Anna said:
“Knife crime has devastating consequences for victims and families. MPs have the opportunity today to legislate to tackle this terrible crime, help make our streets safer and ensure that future generations are protected. I sincerely hope Ian Swales votes to protect residents in the Redcar constituency today.”

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