‘Defend our NHS’ public meeting with Andy Burnham

Labour candidate for Redcar, Anna Turley, has arranged a public meeting with Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, for residents to voice their concerns and thoughts about what is happening to our NHS, and to let Teesside know what Labour would do differently.

Anna said: 
“The NHS is currently going through an unprecedented, unnecessary and unwanted reorganisation that is stretching resources to their limits and creating turmoil in local services.

“Over 7,000 nursing jobs have been lost and, in recent months, A&E services on Teesside have faced particular challenges, with at one point queues of up to 10 ambulances. It is just not acceptable. It risks patient safety, and people are right to be concerned about what is happening to our NHS.”

Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary said: 
“I am really looking forward to coming to Redcar to hear about the experiences of local people in the NHS. This Liberal Democrat and Tory government have broken all their promises on the NHS – they are cutting nurses, they are putting profits before patients and they have let waiting times go up in A&E. I know there are real issues of concern in Redcar and across Teesside and I am keen to hear from people who are experiencing these problems first hand.”

Anna added:
“I’ve organised this public meeting to give people the opportunity to have their concerns listened to by Labour’s Shadow Health team, and for Andy Burnham to let people on Teesside know what we would do differently. I hope people take the opportunity to come along.”

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